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WASD (or arrow keys) to move, mouse to look, click (or spacebar) to shoot, Escape to get mouse back and pause game.

Created for #onegameamonth January 2015

Build Updates:

27. Finished!

25. New visuals!

23. Full game loop with menu! Destroy all 4 waves of tanks to win!

19. Tanks have rigidbodies! Physics! Red things!

18. Lots of code cleanup, preventing future bugs

10. New Mission system with trigger! And two tanks spawn every time you kill one...

9. Tanks can now be destroyed!

8. Fixed some lighting issues

7. TankSpawner implemented and tweaks to the tank shell

4. Lots of particle effects added, and more AI!

2: Beginnings of tank AI. They just follow the player around for now.